Use Advanced Search in LinkedIn

22 10 2010

Use the Advanced Search function to find people and companies of interest. This is one of the most useful features of LinkedIn – to connect to #2 and #3 connections through your direct connections.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and if you are not looking for people you know, and people you don’t know [yet], then you are missing out on a key benefit of the site.  There are a variety of variables you can use to identify people that may be  of interest to you – name, job title, keywords, company (past and present), schools, industries, etc.

Try different combinations of  variables, and if you do not find someone one way, try another.  The first name can vary, but the last name must be spelled correctly.  If you use a keyword or job title search, use the Help section to learn how to use “and”, “or”, quotes and parenthesis to better target your searches.

If you use a zip code search, cast a wider net.  LinkedIn uses zip code for where you live, and not where you work, so someone may work 10 miles from you, but live 50 miles away.

Don’t just collect connections – use LinkedIn actively!




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