How LinkedIn Started a New Friendship – A True Networking Story

23 10 2010

Networking = Relationships

About a year ago, someone popped up on LinkedIn in the box, “People You May  Know” – let’s say her name was “Lynn”.  I looked at Lynn’s profile, and noticed that we had several common connections, we had worked at the same company (at different times), and we had both been involved in the same organization at college (at different times and schools).  Since we were members of the same LinkedIn group, I was able to send her a message, which I did.

I shared how I had found her, who we knew in common, and what we also shared in common. I then commented that I am a strong believer in networking and asked Lynn if she would like to connect, as “you never know”.  Lynn responded by sending me an Invitation to connect, which I accepted.

A few months later, I noticed on my Home Page (in the Network Updates) that Lynn had transferred to a new position at her firm. I congratulated her in the comments section, and then sent a separate note of congratulations and asked what she would be doing in her new role as it looked interesting.  She answered quickly thanking me for the note of congratulations, and she commented that I was “on top of things”.

A couple months later, Lynn emailed asking about my coaching services and also requested to help her with a LinkedIn question, providing her phone number.  We spoke on the phone for about an hour getting acquainted, and she said that she would refer me to a couple of colleagues who might be interested in career coaching. She forgot to ask me the LinkedIn question, which I realized after we got off the phone. I called her back, she asked her question which I answered.  She explained that she needed contacts to find speakers for a conference.  I then went through my connections list, and identified several people that I thought could help her.

A couple months later, Lynn and I met in person for coffee, and she shared that she was starting up a side business that she hoped would become full-time.  We brainstormed about starting a business, marketing and networking, and building a clientele.  She asked about my new venture in the mortgage business.

Another month later, she called and referred a friend who was purchasing a new home and seeking a mortgage.

Now, the latest news is that Lynn is pursuing her business full-time – I am very excited for Lynn, and I am looking forward to helping her promote and build her business.

The relationship continues …




One response

24 10 2010
Danny Lee

Great story Stuart! Networking can become lifelong – I’ve reconnected with friends from high school, established new connections in the tennis community, made new acquaintances through volunteering duties at my son’s school – the list goes on and on.

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