Five Reasons to Have a Facebook (Business) Page

23 11 2010

Why do you use Facebook?  To connect with family and friends, long lost friends, business associates, clients, and more…?  Each one of us has their own reasons for using Facebook, and our reasons will determine how we use Facebook, and with whom we connect.

If you own a business or work in a sales, business development or consulting capacity, then a Facebook (Business) Page may be very appropriate for you.

Your business starts with your existing customers, and social media, including Facebook, starts with engaging with those customers and keeping them happy.  A Facebook (Business) Page provides a forum to share information with your existing and your potential customers. It provides a free opportunity to promote your products and services.  And, it provides the opportunity for your “Fans” (people who “Like” your Page) to share their interest and feedback with you, and ultimately with their Friends.

Here are five (5) compelling reasons to have a Facebook Page.

1. Separating Business from Personal

If you want to separate your business dealings and business contacts from your personal life, a Facebook Page provides the ability for you to do so.  A Facebook Page creates a place where you can develop and maintain business relationships, and separate them from the personal relationships connected with your personal Profile.  Even if you are “Friends” with business associates, you can still utilize the Facebook Page for purely business related posts – sharing information about your business (your products/services, special promotions, events, other), your industry, the general market, etc.

2. Transitive Trust and the Viral Effect

Research has shown that we most trust referrals and recommendations from people we know.  When someone becomes a “Fan” of your Facebook Page, their support of your Page is displayed on the News Feed of their multitude of Facebook Friends.  When they comment or “Like” one or more of your posts, photos, videos, etc., it is again shared with their Friends.  This activity attracts their Friends, who can also become “Fans”, and so on.  Facebook activity that is shared from one Friend to many Friends creates a viral effect that increases and accelerates the flow of information to more and more people.

3. Branding

If you already have a “brand” image for your business or products/services, or if you wish to create a “brand” image, a Facebook Page provides you with such an opportunity to enhance your business presence, visibility, reputation and brand.

4. Your Competition

Look to see if your competitors already have Facebook Pages.  If not, is Facebook not the place to promote your type of business, or do you have a unique opportunity to be first or at least early in creating a Facebook presence?  If your competitors do have Facebook Pages, how are they using them?  Learn from them, and determine how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

5. Dynamic and Timely Nature

A Facebook Page is dynamic – it allows you to post content and reach existing and potential customers quickly.  You can now reach your “Fans” directly, in contrast to your needing to drive traffic to your website to make them aware of something important.  A Facebook Page can be updated easily unlike many websites.  You can announce new products/services, advertise special promotions and invite your “Fans” to upcoming events.  After an event, you can post pictures and videos.

Your Plan

What is your Facebook marketing strategy?  Consider how your Facebook Page will fit in with your overall strategy.  What content will you include?  How will you attract “Fans”?  Do you have a blog that you can link with the Page, or use an RSS feed?  Will you, or someone who works for you, manage the Page?  How often will you post/add content?

So, if you have a business, a Facebook Page can keep your customers informed and expose your products and services to them as well as others who find your Facebook Page through a search – both inside and outside of Facebook.  And, it’s all free!

And, perhaps most important, Facebook is where many, if not most, of your customers are – more than 600 million members and growing.  Now you can go to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you!




2 responses

28 02 2011

I have found that, so far, my personal FB page is suitable and adequate for promoting my consulting business. I post very little personal information, but what I do post is appropriate for the kind of work I do and the type of relationships I am trying to cultivate with potential clients.

I am a management consultant, and personal trust is only the beginning of a successful business engagement for me—intimacy is also important, and you can get a semblance of that if your clients know who you are in addition to what you do. Interacting with potential clients via my personal page is more profound than doing so via a business page, which can be interpreted as more mercantile and less personal.

I will keep the concept of a business page in mind as my practice grows, but for now, with a small and very targeted potential client base, I think I can accomplish my objectives via my personal page. Obviously, a personal page can accomplish many of the same goals as a business page, such as dynamism and timeliness. And since my “brand” is me, what better than a personal page to promote it?

1 03 2011
No Facebook Business Page?! | Think Status!

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