Networking Tips to Start 2011 – #2

21 01 2011

Networking Tip #2

Update / Complete your LinkedIn Profile

You should have a LinkedIn profile if you are interested in networking.   Your LinkedIn profile is your home page where people who know you and/or are looking for you can find you.  Therefore, you should have a complete profile that positively represents you, your background, your accomplishments and your interests.  Here’s another post: (“What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?”)

Profile Suggestions:

  • Personalize the URL for your profile using your name – it improves the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when someone searches for you on the internet by name.
  • Include a good quality photo, preferably wearing business attire and a nice smile – a headshot only, with no one else in the photo.
  • Include your Job History – the companies, positions and job descriptions, including your accomplishments.  If you have a professionally prepared resume, you can copy and paste the resume sections into your profile.  Make sure to include a comprehensive Summary that highlights your relevant experience, education, accomplishments, licenses/certifications and key strengths – the LinkedIn search function includes keyword and phrases, so include them in your profile!
  • Include your Education – colleges/universities and degrees.  This will help former classmates and professors to recognize you from many years ago, and also allow you to join the alumni group(s) on LinkedIn.  College alumni offer a unique opportunity to connect.
  • Provide and request Recommendations.  Recommendations that are sincere and consistent will strengthen your claims of quality experience and accomplishments.
  • Include Specialties and Interests – remember that the search function includes keywords and phrases, and these will help others find you.

Periodically review and update your LinkedIn profile to make sure it represents your latest work and activities.  Post to your LinkedIn status on a regular basis so that your connections remain aware of you.

In the next segment, I will give you some guidance on how to find and add connections to build your LinkedIn network.




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