A Wonderful Example of the Value and Power of Social Media!

11 02 2011

Today history is being made with the peaceful removal of an authoritarian ruler in Egypt, and Facebook and Twitter are credited with helping rally, encourage and support the thousands and thousands of protesters who helped bring about this historical change.  Even when the Egyptian government shut down the internet, the people found ways to access their social media accounts and keep the momentum growing.

When Facebook, Twitter, and other social media were created, did their developers even imagine the true power of these new media?

We know that millions are using social media to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, and to share ideas, information, advice, photos, events, links, stories, and more…  We know that companies are directly engaging with their consumers and customers and learning how to build and support their brands, market their products and services, respond to customers’ feedback, and learn from their customers directly.

We also know that people use social media to air their complaints and grievances, to tell us what they’re doing, where they’re doing and even why they’re doing it.  We know that the curious are following the daily lives of celebrities.

Now we see a new level of power and value.  With Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, and the internet, every-day citizens rallied together in a common cause to change their country and their future.  Like everything else, technology serves both good and evil; today, we see the good, the very good that is possible with the effective use of this ever-changing technology of social media.  What’s to come?  Who knows, but I’m surely curious, surely watching, and surely interested!




One response

12 02 2011

Stuart – Wonderfully written article! It is truly incredible to see the value that social media has brought to the world and to see it utilized to harness positive change.

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