What’s New with LinkedIn Company Pages

3 03 2011

The LinkedIn Company Page has had not had the functionality and flexibility that the Facebook Page offers.  However, LinkedIn recently added new functionality, and apparently will soon be adding even more features and control to the Company Page.

According to the LinkedIn Learning Center, the Company Page offers information about:

  • The company (a brief overview provided by Capital IQ and key stats which come from LinkedIn user info)
  • Company employees who are in your network
  • New hires and changes (promotions, transfers)
  • Related companies – where employees have come from or have gone to)

However, LinkedIn has already added new features including:

  • Products and Services – the company can post information about its products and services, place them in a category, upload an image, add a website URL for the Product/Service, add a contact person if someone is interested in learning more about the Product/Service, and add a special promotion (including a title, URL and description)
  • Who’s Following – this can be helpful to see who is interested in the company which may include potential candidates, business partners, and /or customers – Followers (similar to Facebook “Fans”) receive updates when you add/change information on the Company Page
  • Recommendations – individuals can post Recommendations on the Company Page similar to doing so on someone’s individual profile
  • Careers – companies can post jobs on the Company Page (at a cost)
  • Analytics – shows the # of Page Views, Unique Visitors and Clicks to Products/Services URLs

New features and functionality that LinkedIn promises are still coming include the ability to:

  • Post recruitment videos and other recruitment materials
  • Upload company images (useful for events, conferences, products, etc.)
  • Create the Company Page and add it to the Directory

So, check out Company Pages, follow Companies of interest, update your Company Page, and keep your eyes open for more changes to come.  In this fast-paced world of social media, every day brings new tools for us to network and promote our businesses.




One response

3 03 2011
Sarah de Leon

This is great news. LinkedIn is more on increasing our network who are within the same line of business that we have, or companies that may need our services and/or products. These improvements will make things easier and it’s like the demographics for our target network is more defined. 🙂

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