Why You Need a Professional Resume

10 03 2011

You’re working, so you’re not actively looking for a new job.

Your friend helped write your resume, and s/he is an excellent writer.

What’s the point – there aren’t any jobs out there anyway?

If you’re working, are you absolutely sure that you will not entertain a better opportunity?  If you are open to a better opportunity, then you should keep your resume up-to-date, just in case, and at the same time, you should keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date as well.

Recruiters, hiring managers, and others in your field are searching through LinkedIn, and when they find you, it is important that your profile is not only current, but complete and professionally written.  With a well-written professional resume, you have most of the content for your LinkedIn profile.

As for your friend, it is very nice that they were helpful in writing your resume.  However, are they a job search and resume expert?  Are most resume writing services truly resume experts?  A professionally prepared resume is not one that is “well-written”, but one that is “well-targeted” to the reader.  Is your resume full of big words and meaningless phrases and adjectives (“Successful IT professional”, “Motivated and personable…” “Seasoned and leadership-oriented senior executive”) – what do these phrases really say about you?  How do they differentiate you from others?

Your resume needs to be specific for your background and interests and appropriately match the needs of the employer; therefore, your resume should tell the reader how you are going to meet their needs!  A vaguely written resume will not grab their attention and get you the interview, especially in this job market with so much competition.  You need a resume that stands out (in a good way) and gets them to want to speak/meet with you!

We know that the job market is still very slow, and there are so many more candidates than available positions.  As long as you are still applying online, increase your chances of getting an interview by having a professionally written, well-targeted resume.  Personally, I think that your time is much better spent networking, but I also know the internet job sites are magnets, and you’re going to keep searching and applying, even when the odds are so overwhelmingly against each job seeker.  So, as long as you are investing a lot of time in using the online job sites, it is imperative that you have a resume that improves your chances, even by a few percentage points.  One more interview may mean the difference between a new job and continued unemployment.

When screening potential resume writing services, ask about their experience with job search, their approach, and of course, their fees.  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a professionally written and well-targeted resume.  One premium job search site charges as much as $500 or more!  Others charge $200 or more.  Don’t choose the most expensive – choose the most competent and experienced.

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One response

16 03 2011
Jen Turi

Great points Stuart! Another important thing to remember is that everything that is done online tends to use keywords. If you want to be “found” make sure your profile and resume contains the most common and important key words in your industry.

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