Why You Need to be Using LinkedIn and Often!

20 09 2011

I was doing a LinkedIn presentation the other day to a group of job seekers, and I asked the question, “What happens when you submit your resume online?”  The room was silent, so I filled in with “nothing, exactly!”  It got a laugh, but if you’re job searching, especially for a long time, you know that it is no laughing matter.

You know that relying on online resume submissions is not working for most job seekers or it takes a very long time to find a job with just this approach.  Just in case you don’t already know why, here are the reasons:

  • There are so many more candidates than open positions.
  • Recruiters are over-whelmed with the volume of resumes.
  • Recruiters do not view all submitted resumes.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers prefer to hire someone they know or someone who is referred by employees or others they trust.
  • If your resume does not match the position, including containing the keywords and phrases that the recruiter is using in a search, no matter how qualified you are, your resume will not be accessed and viewed.
  • Recruiters are using LinkedIn and other social media more and more to find candidates!

So, do you agree that you need to be doing more than relying on your resume and internet job search?  Do you agree that networking should be an important part of your job search efforts?  The answer, of course, is “Yes” and “Yes”!

If you agree that you should be networking, please read on…

LinkedIn is the premier business networking site, now with more than 150 million members and growing.  By having a complete and professional profile on LinkedIn, you will be more visible and accessible to recruiters who are looking for someone with your background.  More than just having a profile, you should build a quality network of LinkedIn members who can connect you with decision makers and well-connected people in your industry as well as people who are working at the companies that are of interest to you (and are hiring).

Just imagine the benefit of having a contact inside a company that is hiring – that person can greatly increase the likelihood of your resume getting attention by a recruiter and a hiring manager.  How does that compare to your resume sitting in the company’s database viewed by no one?

Just imagine that you connect with people who think of you and contact you when they hear of opportunities, especially before they are even open and publicized!  How do those odds compare to competing with the countless number of resumes in the database?

The larger and the higher quality your LinkedIn network, the more opportunities you have of connecting with the right people who can and will open doors for you.

If you are not yet using LinkedIn to actively network, then you are missing out on the best game in town.  The outplacement firms always say, “If you’re not networking, you’re not working.”  Add to that, “LinkedIn is the best tool available for your professional networking.”

I have been an active member of LinkedIn for 5 years, having developed a network of more than 1500 direct connections, and more than 10.5 million total network connections!  I coach and train individuals and groups how to use LinkedIn to its fullest.  If you would like to learn more about how to harness the power of LinkedIn for networking, please get in touch, and we’ll get you networking with LinkedIn in a way you didn’t know was available to you!

Phone: (818) 577-1347

Email: scfried@aol.com




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